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grub install

Инсталиране на груб - проблемни ситуации

If get "Grub Hard Disk Error" most times problem is

From - info grub - Native install

in command prompt start: Personaly i use SLAX Live CD
- boot
- mount root part somewhere
- "chroot"
- mount all include boot if use separated part.
after that install grub:


root (hd0,0) - for disk 0, part 1
find /boot/grub/stage1 - this not only show part with grub but get new PATH for GRUB ROOT with menu stages and etc...
setup (hd0) - This command will install the GRUB boot loader on the Master Boot
setup (hd0,0) - If you install GRUB into a partition or a drive other than the first one, you must chain-load GRUB from another boot loader. Refer to the manual for the boot loader to know how to chain-load GRUB.

GRUB has support for LVM and RAID since version 1.95
insmod lvm
insmod raid
grub-mkimage --output=/boot/grub/core.img ext2 pc gpt biosdisk lvm

LILO support boot from LVM

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