вторник, 27 януари 2009 г.

KDE4 Desktop Effects ATI Video

4830 ATI
KDE4 Desktop effect or Fusion
only not use Vsync Mplayer and TVTime blinks if on
Crash with tvtime !!! Not fixed in 9.2
Runs very well

събота, 3 януари 2009 г.

cannot execute /bin/bash: Permission Denied

After recent update from current.
when try to login as ordinary user
i see this ERROR
"cannot execute /bin/bash: Permission Denied"

easy with help from : http://linuxgazette.net/issue52/okopnik.html

find /lib -type f -perm 700 | while read i; do chmod 755 "$i"; done

startup hang stop at: Using /etc/random-seed to initialize /dev/urandom.

All was about:
After recent update, in /etc/rc.d has two files rc.udev and rc.udev.new
On hand You must replace old with .new
Use Live CD or what ever to mount root
go to /etc/rc.d
mv rc.udev.new rc.udev

Do it the same for rest .new files be careful
some of them can contain your changes or personal information like password and shadow, and must not be replaced!!!