сряда, 31 декември 2008 г.

ATI Drivers Slackware

Download drv from ATI AMD page

NAME --extract NewDirectory

get Patch:
from: ???
" Source of patch
sed -i /MODULE_LICENSE\(/'s/".*"/"GPL"/' firegl_public.c
go to :
!apply patch here!

Go to New Directory
ati-installer.sh 8.11 Slackware/All
! 8.11 - is driver version
in parent directory will be created two packages:

upgradepkg --install-new ... # for them

!!! IF use once driver and change kernel Version DELETE this directory and extract again, because of internal links that is created to old kernel!!!

If fglrx apps crash with drivers 9.2 version need to check old files position and delete by hand old ati libs. Usually in /usr/lib/xorg/*/* and links too. /usr/lib/.

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